Work Package 5


VRE Architecture and Interfaces Definition

Description of the EVER-EST virtual research environment (VRE) architecture and interfaces.

This deliverable provides a high level description of the EVER-EST Virtual Research Environment (VRE) architecture along with its components and provides a common understanding concerning the technical approach and available technologies. The deliverable addresses a Research Object centric approach applied to the Earth Science domain including analyzing how the e-infrastructure can serve its users and allow them to better understand its potential whilst anticipating the risks. It introduces a consistent part of the infrastructure that is based on modules and experience derived from previous Earth Science EU projects, including among others, SCIDIP-ES, GEOWOW and EarthServer. The focus is on the definition of the generic e-infrastructure architecture that will be subsequently validated by the VRC’s during the project based upon the specific requirements that have been documented within Work Package 3.

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