Work Package 3


Use cases description and user needs document

Overview of the of individual use cases represented by the participating virtual research communities including specifications of the corresponding user requirements.

EVER-EST is a research and development project that will offer a framework based on advanced services to support each phase of the Earth Science research and information lifecycle. The project follows a user-centric approach leveraging on the results of several FP7 projects which have produced a wealth of innovative and state-of-the-art technologies, systems and tools for e-collaboration, e-learning, e-research and long term data preservation. It will provide innovative services to Earth Science user communities for the generation, communication, cross-validation and sharing of knowledge and science outputs. This document describes the EVER-EST pre-selected virtual research communities, their use cases, service requirements needs and challenges. User requirements elicited from these communities and the functionalities of the re-used components will be translated into specifications for the services supported by EVEREST Virtual Research Environment to ensure that the technical developments are well aligned with the needs of the individual use cases and also the overall scope of the EVER-EST project.

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EVER-EST VRE Use Case Validation Plan

A number of documented validation procedures shall be carried out to evaluate the functionalities of the EVER-EST Virtual Research Environment (EVER-EST VRE) against the user requirements.

The user requirements validation and overall impact assessment of the EVER-EST VRE solution deployed by WP6
shall be made in terms of:

  1. the fulfilment of EVER-EST VRE smart objectives and measurement of performance through the project key performance indicators which were defined in the proposal;
  2. a sound assessment of EVER-EST VRE added values to the pre-selected VRCs and sustainable advantages for potential new user communities’ uptake.

The requirement validation and impact assessment of the VRE may lead to new user requirements being identified by the individual use cases, which will be analysed and potentially implemented in subsequent system updates.
The results of this assessment will be included in the overall VRE assessment report to be delivered by WP3 at the
end of the project.

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See Monitoring Use Case Demonstration Report

This report describes the validation of the implementation of the Sea Monitoring use case in the VRE developed by the project, against the user requirements captured in AD [6]. The VRE has been assessed for usage to estimate and measure the GES parameters related to biodiversity following the MSDF requirements Analytical methods, protocols and procedures, validated in the VRE, have been demonstrated to monitor the state of biodiversity in a certain area assessing the baseline of biodiversity distribution in space and time.

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Natural Hazard Use Case Demonstration Report

This report describes the validation of the implementation of the Natural Hazards use case in the EVER-EST VRE solution deployed by WP6 against the user requirements documented in AD [6]. It has been assessed for enhancing collaborative working between all partners of the Natural Hazard Partnership for the purposes of further developing the Hazard Impact Modelling process relating to specific natural hazard forecasting for surface water flooding. In addition, its value in archiving related documents together in Research Objects in large volumes plus the shared storage of important datasets whilst preserving their security.

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Land Monitoring Use Case Demonstration Report

This report describes the Land Monitoring use case, starting from the user requirements collection, the system design and the validation procedures. In particular, the demonstration report is focused on the assessing how the initial requirements on the proposed services have been address by the VRE.

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Supersite Use Case Demonstration Report

his report describes the validation of the VRE infrastructure, with reference to the functionalities and requirements of the Geohazard Supersites VRC, and the demonstration of the use of the VRE by several users from the Supersites community.

The community created several Research Objects to exchange bibliographic information, scientific workflows, datasets and scientific results.

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VRE Overall Assessment Report

This document describes the overall impact assessment of the EVER-EST VRE solution deployed by WP6, in terms of: user community up take (both by those represented in the project and outside the EVEREST consortium); the added value to these VRCs and, in more general terms, the beneficial impact on society. The document provides an executive summary at the end of the project, conclusive remarks and a roadmap for leveraging on the project results at grant completion.

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