Work Package 3


Use cases description and user needs document

Overview of the of individual use cases represented by the participating virtual research communities including specifications of the corresponding user requirements.

EVER-EST is a research and development project that will offer a framework based on advanced services to support each phase of the Earth Science research and information lifecycle. The project follows a user-centric approach leveraging on the results of several FP7 projects which have produced a wealth of innovative and state-of-the-art technologies, systems and tools for e-collaboration, e-learning, e-research and long term data preservation. It will provide innovative services to Earth Science user communities for the generation, communication, cross-validation and sharing of knowledge and science outputs. This document describes the EVER-EST pre-selected virtual research communities, their use cases, service requirements needs and challenges. User requirements elicited from these communities and the functionalities of the re-used components will be translated into specifications for the services supported by EVEREST Virtual Research Environment to ensure that the technical developments are well aligned with the needs of the individual use cases and also the overall scope of the EVER-EST project.

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