Project website

Outline of the EVER-EST website that provides a major source of information for those seeking further information about the project.

The EVER-EST website has been developed by partners NERC and ESA with input for some of the component sections also provided by other members of the project consortium. The EVER-EST website forms a key element of the project dissemination strategy that is outlined in deliverable D2.2 Dissemination Strategy. It will be used to raise awareness of the project both inside the project consortium and beyond for the purposes of communication and community building.

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Dissemination strategy and plan

Description of the strategy, mechanisms and techniques that will be used throughout the project to communicate and promote the EVER-EST project aims objectives and outcomes to a range of stakeholders.

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Use cases description and user needs document

Overview of the of individual use cases represented by the participating virtual research communities including specifications of the corresponding user requirements.

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Workflows and research objects in Earth Science — Concepts and Definitions

Outline of the definitions and main concepts of workflows and research objects (ROs) for the Earth Sciences.

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VRE Architecture and Interfaces Definition

Description of the EVER-EST virtual research environment (VRE) architecture and interfaces.

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