Work Package 6


Technical Note on Infrastructure Deployment

A Technical Report on Infrastructure Deployment shall be delivered at M17 according to [AD1]. As a follow up of the Informal Interim Review held in Brussels on 22/06/2016 a preliminary version of the Technical Report was requested to “Develop a detailed implementation plan of the tasks, technology choices and critical activities to be accomplished by the time of the 1st periodic review foreseen after the end of March 2017; this should be accompanied by an appropriate risk monitoring and contingency plan [AD3]

The detailed implementation plan, critical activities and risk assessments provided by this document will be shared and used by all parties as master schedule and overall system deployment status report.

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Report on VRE population and testing

The purpose of this document is to describe the population of the EVER-EST platform in terms of types of data, quantity and use. The description applies to input data that is used to carry out the users’ activities and to output results that constitute the resources of the ROs.

Moreover, the document describes the verification tests that demostrate the proper technical functioning of the EVER-EST system.

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Technical Note on Operations and Maintenance

The purpose of this document is to describe the operations phase, the problems encountered and the solutions implemented to solve them. This deliverable, which is based on the inputs from task T6.5, tracks all the corrections and improvements to the VRE developed during the project.

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Virtual Research Environment Data Management Plan

This document presents the EVER‐EST project Data Management Plan (DMP). This is the first version of the DMP and will be updated over the course of the project whenever significant changes arise as ruled by AD[2].
The document provides a description of the data summary, the scope of the DMP and the details of the management plan for Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR) Data, as defined at this stage of the EVER-­EST project.

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